How to Run Any Organization – From the “Both…And…” Mind

I wrote this in 2011. Dear FB popped it up as a memory from a 2020 post.

Needed now as much as ever…

Now, as much or more than ever.

How to run government (or any org)…

.. think deeply about your mission

.. articulate and share your vision/objectives with everyone in and out- all stakeholders

.. listen to ALL voices from all stakeholders

.. distribute control, responsibility, and accountability

..measure two kinds of things, two kinds of ways: for linear, stable processes, count the usual measures of how many, what cost, how long, etc. For complex processes and outcomes, measure a)fidelity/congruence to core operating values/principles, and b)impact (how well..). employee engagement and satisfaction, to goals and objectives. Link results to learning and resource planning/allocation

..devote a percentage of your staff time and your money, to “exploring possibility space.” Try without fear. Learn deeply from all attempts. not give your people so much work, that they have no time to participate in improving/experimenting.

..assure universal access to people and information. Connect everyone to each other.

..if you have unions, welcome them to the table as partners. Management can not exist without workers, nor workers without leadership. Help everyone see that it is in the interests of both sides to collaborate, thrive, and survive.

..forget monetary rewards. There is plenty of data to prove they are more hurtful than helpful. Give frequent and public recognition.

.. follow the example of the former Navy Commander at Alameda base- who insisted everyone get an annual appraisal “as meaningless as possible.” All got a de facto satisfactory, with a tough process to justify higher or lower. In a year, grievances dropped, morale and productivity soared.

..and, teach leaders, managers, legislators, citizens, the wisdom of both Einstein and Deming, who both noted that there are things that can be counted, that don’t count; and things that count, that can’t be counted

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