My response to a post by John Hagel on anticipation:

We may anticipate that which is known, or knowable. That which is certain, or highly probable.

Building and using capacities of knowing more than one way towards our objectives. Of being able to change when necessary. Of being able to absorb a measure of adversity and still stay on the path to our goals.

Yet our knowledge and understanding is always limited. We can not and will not anticipate every emergent situation. Things will happen beyond the limits of our current experience. Things happen now, and will happen one day, to which different people will respond with different seemingly coherent views of what it means, and what might be done.

We must learn also to be curious. To be courageous. To be open to the unfamiliar, ambiguous, and uncertain. To purposefully act into the new and next in multiple ways. Exploring the space of possibility wirhout the fear of failure. Learning from each step.

Surviving. Hopefully thriving.

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