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Drama, Dysfunction, Leadership and Culture: Build the Way Forward, Together

My response to a post on a well-known blog about leadership, dealing with “drama” and the various forms of interpersonal dysfunction in an organization. The writer cites a CEO he knows, who claims he refuses to spend his time trying … Continue reading

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Turrell, Guggenheim, Wright, and Wrong.

My family and I love the unique art of James Turrell.  When I learned that the Guggenheim museum in Manhattan was participating in a national retrospective of Turrell’s work, and featuring a new site-specific transformational piece, I went online and … Continue reading

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Agenda for Better Government

My colleague Dale Weeks and I have been advocating an integrated improvement approach for government at all levels, and in all places. By integrated approach, we mean the following: 1) leaders from the President on down to town managers, tell … Continue reading

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Six Simple Questions: A framework for change

In my work with organizations, I’m always trying to find simple questions that generate complex patterns of dialogue and shared learning.  These rich interactions can foster innovation, alignment, and improvement.  While there are no easy answers for the hard problems … Continue reading

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