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The Heat Of the Moment: Sense-Making in the Midst of Crisis

So, a guy I know, tells a story about seeking, and obtaining clarity of vision for our work in change and leadership.  He claims that “things get clear when the house is on fire.”  Yes, I have seen people suddenly … Continue reading

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Road to (K)nowhere: Conversation, Change, and the Leader’s Journey

How do we feel when we are in conversation with others about a seemingly important issue or challenge, and the talk seems to lead nowhere, and resolve nothing? Perhaps you feel the way some popular leadership coach/consultants do, that “real” … Continue reading

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Adaptive Organizations: Towards Mastery in the Moment

The highly-regarded Altimeter Group has asked on their website, for comments about Adaptive Organizations.  Let’s take a look at what this means, and why developing greater adaptive capacity is important for organizations.   Adaptive means able to change in response … Continue reading

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Gazing into the Q-Ball: I see three Bs…

Over the past year, I’ve been pleased to serve as one of ASQ’s “Voices of Influence” bloggers.  In his December year-end post, ASQ exec Paul Borawski wrote about the future of the quality movement, and two disappointments in 2011.  You … Continue reading

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Walk Not Into Temptation: Demonizing Government Workers and Unions

The attacks on government workers that (in)famously began with Reagan’s oft-repeated crack that “government IS the problem…” were wrong then, and wrong now.  It is possible that government, with tougher procedures for discipline and dismissal, has a slightly higher percentage … Continue reading

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Beyond Pressuredome: Better Boiler Bubbles, and the dynamics of innovation

According to the company’s website, Spirax-Sarco has been working for nearly a century to help its customers “optimize productivity.”  The company specializes in helping customers with the “control and efficient use of steam.”  In other words, they know a lot about … Continue reading

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