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I Like Safe Food: the case for third-party inspection

Recently, ASQ Exec Paul Borawski wrote a blog post about third-party inspectors to assure food safety. Paul noted that ASQ supports this sort of process, and asked about the experience of others with third-party inspection. On the general issue of … Continue reading

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The end of “AS IF…” – A Wish for the New Year

I’m not sure where the tradition of “new year’s resolutions” came from. There is nothing especially compelling about the passage of January 1st, and we know that in other cultures, this is not the beginning of the “new year.” But … Continue reading

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Walk Not Into Temptation: Demonizing Government Workers and Unions

The attacks on government workers that (in)famously began with Reagan’s oft-repeated crack that “government IS the problem…” were wrong then, and wrong now.  It is possible that government, with tougher procedures for discipline and dismissal, has a slightly higher percentage … Continue reading

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