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Integrated Improvement Initiatives: Addressing Both the COMPLICATED and COMPLEX Challenges of Government

Following is my submission to the http://www.challenge.gov challenge on improving Federal government performance management, processes, and outcomes.  The opening points are not on the submission itself, but provide additional context and background.   So, a few key concepts, in no … Continue reading

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Gazing into the Q-Ball: I see three Bs…

Over the past year, I’ve been pleased to serve as one of ASQ’s “Voices of Influence” bloggers.  In his December year-end post, ASQ exec Paul Borawski wrote about the future of the quality movement, and two disappointments in 2011.  You … Continue reading

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Walk Not Into Temptation: Demonizing Government Workers and Unions

The attacks on government workers that (in)famously began with Reagan’s oft-repeated crack that “government IS the problem…” were wrong then, and wrong now.  It is possible that government, with tougher procedures for discipline and dismissal, has a slightly higher percentage … Continue reading

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Success Leaves Clues: The Core Principles of Government Improvement

“Works better; costs less.” A catchy phrase, a good slogan. When it comes to the work of government, regardless of political orientation, everyone agrees they want government to work as well as possible. Continue reading

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“Fed” Up? The challenge of improving U.S. Federal recruiting & hiring

Good luck, Mr. Berry. By the way, if you have any openings for an experienced government process improvement leader, with knowledge of the recruiting and hiring process, please call. I’m available. Continue reading

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