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T. Irene Sanders on “Being President In a Complex World”

I first encountered complex adaptive systems science in 1998- literally a life-changing moment for me. One of the people whose work I found early in my complexity learning journey was T. Irene Sanders. An early student of complexity, Irene has … Continue reading

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Integrated Improvement Initiatives: Addressing Both the COMPLICATED and COMPLEX Challenges of Government

Following is my submission to the http://www.challenge.gov challenge on improving Federal government performance management, processes, and outcomes.  The opening points are not on the submission itself, but provide additional context and background.   So, a few key concepts, in no … Continue reading

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Adaptive Organizations: Towards Mastery in the Moment

The highly-regarded Altimeter Group has asked on their website, for comments about Adaptive Organizations.  Let’s take a look at what this means, and why developing greater adaptive capacity is important for organizations.   Adaptive means able to change in response … Continue reading

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The Q-word, and the future of the “Quality Movement”

First, the up-front disclaimer.  The American Society for Quality (rightly wishing these days to be known simply as “ASQ”), has asked me to participate in their new social media initiative.  I am one of a number of people identified as … Continue reading

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