In the Beginning: Without Form

We know there are fundamentally different kinds of situations we experience in life. From simple, clear stuff, to more complicated technical ordered stuff. From the seemingly disordered complex stuff, to the truly chaotic.

And in the center of it all… “tohu vabohu.”

What? Not familiar with this primordial state? Each year, Jews around the world read the Books of Moses one section per week. And tonight marks the opening reading “Bereisheit” – In the Beginning..

And the opening words are translated as the universe being “without form, and void.” In Hebrew, “tohu vabohu.” Which is also linguistically related to “chaos” and “confused.”

So… in the darkness that preceded the light… our first perceptions are of chaos, disorder, formlessness. And from the confusion… the first day. Of light. Life. Possibility. Of all domains of order and disorder. Of clarity and complexity.

As the magicians say, “abra-cadabra,” also from ancient Hebrew… “it is created as I speak.”

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