Heading For The Br(oken)exit: FLUX And The Dissolution Of Dialogic Relating

The insight for us and FLUX is that FLUX in an organization or group is not just “experience with a degree of difference beyond our capacity to understand and respond.”

At the social level FLUX is seen in that little catastrophe cusp – the curled “cliff” in the Cynefin drawing – that represents the dissolution of stability in the ordered domain (Snowden shows it as being between Simple/Obvious, and Chaotic) and the resulting chaos of the unordered. Perhaps in both natural and social systems, things are FLUXED when either individual agents (people) or the system as a whole, can not negotiate meaning and purpose in relation to the system.

The practical response to knowing and understanding FLUX in this way, at the social and organizational levels, is to work continuously at maintaining respectful, dialogic relationships. We then face the challenge of establishing new rules and patterns for relating and coordinating sense-making and action.

Yesterday I was listening to the TED radio hour. I did not get the speaker’s name, but there was a segment on mindfulness as a key practice in not only presence and observation, but in curiosity. This is the first step in relating to one’s environment (physical and social), which in turn, is the first step to inquiry, learning, understanding and expanding our response capacity.

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