Into the NeXT: Steve Jobs, Joe Juran and Quality Improvement

A remarkable video of Steve Jobs, discussing the teachings of his quality improvement mentor, the well-known Joe Juran.

– this comes after Jobs’ initial success at Apple, as he tries (ultimately unsuccessfully) to market his NEXT computer brand.

– it is during the period when Japanese companies were dominating the global marketplace by using the methods of Total Quality Management to produce superior goods, services, and value.

– we see the confidence of the young Jobs, mixed with very personal details about how he thinks, and what he values.

– it is quite surprising that while Steve Jobs has learned much from Joe Juran, he has not so much as read or apparently investigated the ideas of the other towering figure of the Quality movement, W. Edwards Deming.

– Jobs notes that Juran’s methods and approach are at once very practical and process-focused (which Mr. Jobs says resonated strongly with his engineers and staff at NEXT), and yet, notes Juran’s emphasis on distributed responsibility for awareness and improvement. Jobs tells a compelling story of how Juran treats every person in an organization, and values every and any question. Compare this to Jobs’ own well-documented treatment of others as he advances in his own career.

In all… A MUST-SEE video, documenting a unique moment in Steve Jobs career and life.


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