Six Simple Questions: A framework for change

In my work with organizations, I’m always trying to find simple questions that generate complex patterns of dialogue and shared learning.  These rich interactions can foster innovation, alignment, and improvement.  While there are no easy answers for the hard problems we face in our organizations, the questions that help us better engage our challenges are best worded in easy-to-understand ways.
Here are six simple questions to help any organization
  1. How can we best make sense of the challenges we are facing?  (what tools or methods may give us better results)

  2. How can we best decide on what to do together? (same)

  3. Who can we learn from, and how can we best adapt new knowledge to our own challenges? (same)

  4. How can we best explore promising options and ideas for improvement? (same)

  5. How will we sustain everyone’s commitment to improvement?

  6. How will we assure that we are achieving results that are not only “better, faster, and cheaper,” but also “happier and more satisfying” for our employees, customers, and stakeholders alike?

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